Meme: 10 Facts About Me.

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I'm pretty open so not sure theres many facts that people don't know really.

1: I passed my driving theory test, first time, then moved away to St Neots, started driving lessons there but didn't want to take my test in Cambridge. Stopped driving lessons there because I was fed up. Moved back here, could afford lessons but found other things to spend my money on [ie worked near a New Look!] but my husband bought me a little Fiat and I drove that around for almost 2 years, with either him or my mum as passengers. Then in 2010 my mum offered to pay for my lessons and test. I paid for my theory test, which had to be retaken because my first one had run out, and again I passed first time.
Then came my big test, 8.30am, and I PASSED! I was over the moon and its one of the best things that I've ever done.
1b: I was given the option to do a turn in the road or reverse around the corner on my test!! I chose the easy option of turn in the road.
1c: The examiner flirted with me on my test! I made a comment about it being hot in the car and he replied with "No, I just tend to have that effect on women" I replied with "oohhh my god! I didn't expect that reply" and we laughed.

2: I've suffered with depression since I was 15 due to my dad having an affair and leaving. It's something I am not ashamed of at all. I had a bad reaction to anti-depressants which to be honest I think made me feel worse and made me suffer with bad anxiety on top of the depression. I now cope without medication.

3: Immediately after having Charles I suffered, and still suffer, with severe anxiety. I had to see a "mental health link worker" due to it and he was so shocked by some of the graphic things I "see" that he didn't know what to say and how to deal with me. One day I would like to write down all of the things I've felt but I'm too afraid that people will think I am crazy and no longer talk to me.

4: I have been so let down by friends in the past that I don't really trust anyone. I know that one of my best friends bad mouths me behind my back but can put up with it because I know its just the kind of person she is.

5: I cracked my head open when I was 10[ish] A friend was giving me a piggy back in my bedroom and slipped and I smacked my head on the side of a chest of drawers.

6: I always wanted to be best mates with Jade Goody and cried for days and days when she died. I found it really hard to accept.

7: I was bullied in middle school. One day some girls made prank phonecalls to my house when I was in high school and put on the voice from scream. We went to the police and they were able to find out who it was. For a long time I then had a fear of the phone and still won't answer unknown calls. It was always hard at work as my bosses never understood. I was bullied for loving liking Hanson and the Spice Girls. Girls can be so cruel :-(

8: I used to go to craft fairs with my mum and sell Terracota Pots I had painted and decorated. My "company name" [the name I signed on the bottom of each pot] was Lolly Pots. I was only 13! My mum sold painted glass and ceramic plates. We both always did really well.

9: I have to sit on the floor if a Ricky Martin music video comes on the telly. Do not ask me why as I do not know.

10: I live in leggings.

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