Movie Meme: Film Two.

This is more like it.....definitely not to everyones taste at all but these films are amazing.

I first went to the cinema to see these with my twin brother. We were really into the films. It became tradition for us to watch them together at the cinema. Sadly though our tradition ended and we missed the last two because Charles was a newborn and couldn't be left [I wouldn't leave him] and now my brother lives in Bristol, 6 hours away so not suitable. I am yet to watch the last two, it doesn't seem right to not watch them without him.

He would always be really sweet and whisper to me, "I think this bit is going to make you jump, look out". I'd already predicted the moments that would made me jump by the tense music and camera movements!
I was always the one in the Screen room with hands up at my face, peeking through my fingers, breathing heavily getting myself prepped for the jumping moments.
And its make me VERY scared of being in multi-story car parks by myself.
One year my brother confessed that he very nearly bought me a doll of the clown from the films.
Now I'm not an ungrateful person in the slightest and would keep any present, but this I would be sending straight back or giving to him to keep!

What always strikes me about the Saw films are that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has this SICK mind to think of all the extreme ways that people are killed.
I mean, its not normal at all, is it?!! Seriously, are the people who write these out here walking amongst us? If so, I'd like to know exactly who they are so I can stay well out of their way, or at least keep on their good side.

Normally I would take pieces from the Internet and quote on here, or write about what happens in the film. But as it is so gruesome and graphic I'll leave it out....want to find out more....Google is your friend ;-)

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