Movie Meme: Week 10

I'm so rubbish at this and have really let myself slip and not joined in for the last 3 weeks. Sorry Hannah.
But with this weeks theme I am well and truely back!

This weeks theme is: HORROR!

Yes!! The one I've been waiting for!

I still remember, so clearly, the first horror film my mum "let" me and my brother watch. A friend of mine was staying over and my next door neighbour was round too. My neighbour was older than us so had seen horror films before. Infact he may have watched this film before.
My friend had also seen horror films before. I quite like the fact my mum kept us hidden from them really.

So, we had popcorn, crisps, fizzy drinks etc and sat down to watch:
At first yeah we were probably quite scared. We didn't know what to expect.
I sat there cuddling a cushion, and just as we first saw the killer look through the door at Drew Barrymores character I was about to lift the cushion to my face but instead....I burst out laughing!
I ended up, along with my brother, laughing along at the rest of the film.

Although, a confession on my part, now I would not laugh at it. Infact, the film has left me with a slight fear of patio doors at night time. I hate the fact that beyond the glass there could be a man [or woman] in a mask looking back at me. Or a person, sat tied onto a patio chair about to be murdered in front of me.

But back then yep because of Scream I fell in love with horror films.
I'd watch as many as I could. Not so much the older ones. I haven't watched Candyman for example, although I had wanted to.

Continuing to watch the other Scream movies which I "enjoyed", I also quite liked, but didn't love, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend. These were scary, but never the kind of "hide behind a cushion" scary, more...."hmmmm I'm a bit uncomfortable watching this scary". I was starting to feel quite disappointed by horror really. It wasn't what I had imagined it to be.
I seem to remember watching the Chuckie films but nothing sticks with me to make me think they were too scary for me to be able to sleep that night.

Anyway, to fully fit in with the theme, as I have gone away from it, I'd like to send you HERE and HERE, to introduce you to the two films that really get me hiding behind a cushion. Dare you read??

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