Mumra Playlists Week 8

Back from a week away on holiday and the first thing I wanted to catch up on are my Mumra Playlist  entries.

Week 8's theme is Childhood.

Wasn't sure what to pick or how far back to go. So I've gone for:

Bryan Adams: Everything I do, I do it for you.

I was a huge fan of this song when I was little. I was one of my first CD Singles and my mum has a home video of me singing to my teddies to this song, using a skipping rope handle. My brother was using a tennis racket as a guitar.
It was the second dance at my wedding, the one I danced with my dad to.

Gutted that I can't seem to add the Bryan Adams video to the blog for some silly reason, its just offering me silly cover versions.

Once I've worked out how to add the video I will come back and edit.
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