Reasons to be Cheerful {1}

When I first got "into" blogging properly one of the first linkys I discovered was Reasons to Be Cheerful. Michelle describes the idea perfectly and this really sold it to me:
I know that I am completely blessed in my life and that ultimately I am a lucky lady. So I feel that in 2011 I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis. Also, when I feel thankful I tend to find it is a tonic for my soul and the positivity just oozes (great word) out of me. Result! The best medicine for a negative day is to remind yourself of what you are grateful for.
Since suffering from depression at 15 years old, one of my coping strategies is to think of all in my life that is positive, if anything bad happens I try to think of the positive side or A positive side, which is sometimes very hard but it really works at helping me cope.

With recent events I feel there is one person I need to focus my post about.
*My Mum*

I hope not to sound shallow or to sound like a 14 year old who recieves pocket money from her parents still.

1: Basically my mum is the reason I am able to be so independent now. Last year she paid for my driving lessons and my driving test (I didn't need to many as I had my own car and had been driving assisted by her or my husband for 2 years anyway and had previously taken lessons anyway) which I passed first time.
If it wasn't for her doing that then I would still be driving with L plates on the front and back of the car!

2: When we went to Lanzarote (as well as other holidays) she has popped over to our house, which is the other side of the town to her house, to look after our cat, Jasmine and now my rabbit, Bunny. I don't even have to ask her to do it, she just does. She doesn't have a car, just a moped, which means that at times she's had to come over when the weather hasn't been amazing.
She does so much for us. She constantly asks me to take round washing and ironing for her. She never complains about doing any of it. 
Also, and this is the best bit, she is the only nanny I know who doesn't complain about changing their grandchilds nappy. If Charles needs his nappy changed she will do it, I don't even have to ask her. If I go to do it she tells me to stop and that she will do it. Other [friends] nannies seem to complain about this and refuse to do it.

3: My camera has just decided to die on me, as a SAHM/Housewife I have £0 to spend on a new camera. I was so upset because it would take me a couple of months to be able to get that money together, time which I don't really have with a new baby due in that couple of months! 
Yet now I am the owner of a lovely new camera. My mum happily handed over the money for me to go and buy myself a camera. I didn't feel I could go to my husband and say "give me the money to buy a new camera" when we have a lot of outgoings this next two months with the baby coming. Not that I felt overally comfortable going to my mum and asking for a loan.
I don't think she realises just how happy I am and how much calmer I feel. It may sound silly but I was sure that the baby would come and I'd have no suitable camera, although I have my DSLR I didn't particularly want to carry that as well as a bag for me and the baby and whatever other "luggage" I may have!

So there we go. My first post for "Reasons to be Cheerful".
Definitely something I'll be doing again. I feel a great sense of pride that I've been able to share with you all the wonderful lady who I call my mum :-)

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