The Tip!

Are you a tosser?
Every week/two weeks I place Charles in the car surrounded by lots of trash to take to the local recycling centre.
Most of the time its just simply a big bag of nappies and the contents from the rabbit hutch. The three of us alone somehow create so much rubbish that our black bin [general waste] is always full, so I find it easier to just pop in the car and take the bag down to tip and throw the bag into door number 12!

I have to confess that we aren't the best at recycling at home. We try though, and every two weeks put out a full blue bin, but there is probably a lot of recycle products that are placed in our black bin too.

I'm always made to feel a little guilty as I walk or drive towards door number 12. "Waste to Landfill" reads the sign above. Ok, I get it. By dumping my bag in here I am doing nothing for the environment. But, I TRIED with cloth nappies, and we couldn't get on with them. I even used Eco nappies but found they leaked too much.
Maybe if our area, like other areas in the country do, offered the real nappy incentive then we may have tried harder but to keep trying different brands just gets so expensive and I don't want to have a collection of unusable nappies cluttering up my nursery/loft!

Anyway, most of the time when driving into the tip we are greeted by someone who works there. At times this person can be really cheery, ask what you have, and guide you to which door you need. Other times, this person can be really grumpy, which ok I can understand, I'm not sure I'd be happy working somewhere that smells as bad as that place and dealing with rubbish all day, but still, I am making the effort to try and recycle and to not have a build up of bags of nappies in my back garden (in the past I've even been known to wait until our neighbours have put their black bins out and then top theirs up with our overflow of rubbish)

I've just got back from a trip to the tip. Taking with me or suitcase which was damaged on holiday [no big deal, it was old anyway] cardboard, polysyrene, plastic, and a bag of nappies. The grumpy guy was the first to have greeted me, except he had his back to me so I just drove past him. I spotted one of the nice men there anyway so decided I would head over to him if I needed to know which door to put my rubbish in.
Although as I stepped out of my car another worker headed over and asked if he could help me. Never before has someone asked if they can help me with my rubbish.
He took all the fiddly bits, told me to just take the cardboard and he'd deal with the rest. He didn't spot Charles in the back at first because the rubbish next to him was towering over him and asked if he was staying in or if I needed him to be removed too. Normally jokes like that wouldn't make me laugh but this time it did. I asked if he could leave him where he was.

As I left today I felt good for going there. I felt a sense of "good on me" for recycling.

And to make me smile as I left I spotted this banner on the gate which always amuses me.
Do you recycle or head to your local refuse centre?
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