The Gallery: April

Tara at Sticky Fingers has been giving us tough themes for The Gallery in recent weeks.
Although the previous themes haven't been too tough for me and I've been able to think of something to add.
Except this weeks theme has got me stumped!
This week's theme is: April.
Can you capture this month in a photograph? Be it bunting, street parties, holidays, hot weather or none of the above.
I guess the biggest thing that happened for us April this year was our very last minute holiday. I know, you are probably sick of hearing it but soon it will all be about our new bundle of joy so stay with me ;-)

My husband runs his own business and had a very successful month previous so we were able to just go down to the Travel Agents and book a holiday for as little as two days time.
Towards the end of the month I realised how fortunate we had been that month....with our holiday and also being able to purchase some super posh horizontal blinds from a friend of ours as well as all the little bits and bobs we had purchased too.

Not only did April make me feel financially fortunate, it felt like an important month with experiences and development with regards to Charles. He went on his first plane ride, stroked a parrot, two owls and other birds of prey, had his first horse ride, and speech wise he has blown us away. Our proudest moment was when he first told us his full name. Our surname isn't exactly the easiest for a toddler to say but he does really well....better than most adults!

He has become really independant (not always such a good thing) and hardly feels like my baby anymore, although of course he will always be my baby.
Everyday he seems to become even more excited and interested....and slightly impatient at the arrival of his new baby brother.

So April was a busy month for us really. Three words that sum it up: money, pride and experience.

With a huge selection of photos to choose from I finally decided on this one:
  • New experience for Charles, 
  • A proud mummy and daddy after he did so well on his pony ride and didn't really need daddy to hold onto him as he went round 
  • Money [sort of, it cost 2 Euros for the pony ride ;-)]

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