The Gallery: Chilled Out

Taras theme over at Sticky Fingers for this weeks The Gallery is

This week's theme is: Chilled Out.

So photos of chilling out: Your kids sleeping, relaxing (is that even possible with kids?), your bottle of wine/beer/cocktail, sunbathing in the park, reading a good book with the sun on your face: What does chilling out mean to you?

As I approach the due date of baby number two I can't help but think of how different things will be from when I had Charles.
Rather than being stressed at these newborn days I was quite chilled out throughout, it helped obviously that he was too.....I was even VERY chilled out during my labour!!

All we would do everyday is lay on the sofa and he would sleep on my chest or be feeding from me. We slept in the nursery for the first 3 months and although at the time it sometimes seemed hard to be co-sleeping and not getting the constant stretch of solid sleep, now I look back with fond memories.
This was OUR time, OUR time to bond and to get to know each other. He seemed to love these moments too.
He very rarely let me put him down to nap and just wanted constant cuddles.
I'll let the photos do the talking:

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