The Gallery: Mustachioed

Rather odd yet interesting/different theme over at Sticky Fingers for this weeks The Gallery link up.
This week there is no talent required what so ever to enter. All you need is a sense of humour.
And for your troubles you could win a Panasonic HM-TA1 High Definition Mobile Camera. How cool!

So, enough of the suspense, this week's theme is: Mustachioed.
My good friend Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? is everso slightly obsessed with the things: and not necessarily on men.
On a recent blogger trip to Ireland she made us all wear moustaches. I mean physically held us down and MADE us apply dodgy 1970s-eque taches.
Did we take photos of them? Well, of course we did . . . Thanks English Mum.

So photos of moustaches. Real ones, fake ones, ones on your kids, your cats, your grandma.

Have a giggle dressing your top lip up and the one Laura likes the most wins the camera. Simples.
And the prize is coming courtesy of Laura: Honestly, she'll do anything to flood the interwebs with moustaches, THAT is how obsessed she is with the things.

I'm sure I won't be the only person to do a photo like this [although secretly I would like to be ;-)] but rather than drawing a moustache on my son, husband or myself, I thought I would take advantage of a certain body part whilst I can.
So, without further ado, here is my bump....complete with a face and a moustache [good job its a 'male' bump]
Please be kind, I'm feeling very brave posting this (and yes have clearly edited my skin quite heavily)

(Do you realise how hard it is to draw a face on your tummy whilst looking in the mirror?)
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