The Great Birthday Present Debate.

I'm stressing out.
It's silly.
You see I like to be organised when it comes to birthday presents and Christmas presents, especially so for Charles.
For his first Christmas he was stupidly spoilt, he didn't know what it was about but we did, and with his birthday being in the middle of the year [almost] we use this time to go over his toybox and update if needed. For his first Christmas he was 6 months so we were getting away from the rattles and "baby toys" and into the world of activity toys.
For his first birthday we bought him a Thomas train track thing, which was rubbish, a lot of the bits ended up missing and it was just not ever going to be practical. It was cheap so went into the bin. He got various Thomas related toys from family, Mega Blox and other items more suited to a 1 year old boy!
Again, last Christmas his toybox was scanned, new more suitable items were bought and we had a happy little boy. Infact he was so happy with most of the presents he opened of Christmas Day that we had to force him to open the majority of them and left half for another day. His final present wasn't opened until New Years Day!

The New Years Day present happened to be the one I was most excited about him having [other than his Giant Makka Pakka teddy] and it was his Garage/Multistory Car Park.
I sent the boys off for the day and built the garage in the afternoon......5 hours later it was finished and looked ok. Not amazing but he was sure to love it.
And he did. The garage had the carpark section and then a spiral ramp to the right. This ramp is ridiculous and within a week had been broken off and after a month if not less of us repairing it, we gave up and left it without. He was still happy with the toy anyway.
Less than 5 months on I'm sad to announce that this garage is now somewhere in a recycle plant in their plastics section awaiting its future.
It was pants.
Charles was never heavy handed with it, yet it broke so often that it was in the end unusable and even Charles noticed this.

Now its his birthday in two and a half weeks and I am still debating what to get him.
I am annoyed with myself because normally I'd have it all planned. Well, I did have some of it planned. We would get him a small trampoline for the garden (one of the ones with a handle for them to hold on to) and a road mat. Except my mum decided to buy the road mat as an Easter present and the trampoline for his birthday present.
Back to square one then.
I've asked my mother in law to get Charles a garage. She is giving us £30 to get one so we can pick one we are happy with. Except I keep wondering whether or not he needs one?
He's really happy with his road mat and a Christmas present my mum gave him seems to be sufficient enough as it includes a slide (which aliens are supposed to slide down) which he uses as a ramp.
I think I'm just nervous of buying another garage which turns out to break in another 5 months time.
I'm just constantly flitting between the positives and negatives of a garage.
He's a boy, every boy needs a garage, like every girl needs a pram.
He has well over 50 cars (really, I wish I was exaggerating) so the garage would be used.
He has a brother coming so they would both end up playing with the garage if it is a good decent one.

So, if the garage is purchased. Then what do we get him???
I've searched Argos, Toys R Us, Mothercare and ELC and nothing really jumps out at me. Yet looking at Charles' toybox it seems like there is a hole needing to be filled. A hole which isn't filled with yet more cars.
With the baby on the way I am wanting to get him [Charles] toys which are really going to hold his attention, ones he will be happy to play with alone for a while whilst I'm busy getting the baby to sleep or feeding the baby.
Our only solid idea for a present at the moment is a small disco ball, due to the fact he was mesmorised by the one on holiday in Lanzarote and loves dancing.

The Happyland Dino Playset also looks quite inviting too. But still, theres something missing.

Anyone care to offer inspiration....please?

1: No to a kitchen or large item like this, we simply don't have room for it with the babies things on top of Charles current toys.
2: He has a swing for the garden, and is getting a slide from my dad and nan.
3: No to a sand table, we want the beach to be a novelty and also have a cat (cat + sand table = litter tray!)
4: He has a keyboard and a guitar. 

Anyone wish to help me in my quest?
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