"The set includes one Playmobil ranger and his weapon"

  • The Playmobil Rangers Jeep with Rhino comes with a caged trailer to transport the Rhino.
  • The rear seats of the jeep can be removed to make more space and the wheels are changeable.
  • The set includes one Playmobil ranger and his weapon.
Does the last bullet point sit uncomfortably with anyone else? Or is it just me?
On the birthday present search for Charles I noticed a Playmobil Rangers Vehicle with Rhino and thought I'd take a look as Charles really likes Rhinos.
Reading through the information, trying to work out how big it is and what it does for the price I was instantly put off by the fact that it comes complete with a weapon.
Now I'm all for role play and imaginative play but feel this is going a bit too far.

I for one, do not want my child lining these animals up and shooting at them as a game. Ok the game is for 4 years and older and Charles is only [almost] 2 but I've always used my own initiative when picking his toys and deciding myself if he is old enough to play with certain products.
I digress.

I understand that maybe to some I am over-reacting with this issue. And I do realise that eventually Charles may play Cowboys and Indians with his friends and pretend to be in the army etc but to include a weapon in a toy which includes animals, some of which are almost endangered, just fills me with anger.

"take the weapon out so he can't play with it"
"just don't buy the toy"

I can almost hear some of you saying the above statements but its not the point.
Its the fact that the toy includes the item in the first place that makes me uncomfortable. I could imagine taking my children to the local zoo, going into the Rhino enclosure and them pretending to shoot at them. It would embarrass me so much.
I'm also looking at it in the way of someone else buying him such present. If I didn't realise it included a gun and all of a sudden he's opened this box to discover an amazing toy that includes a car, wow, a man, wow, a trailer, wow, a Rhino, WOW and......a gun.....wow???
I don't want to have to vet every present he's given.

I guess initially they wouldn't know why the gun was included with the toy, and one day the question subject will arise. "dat?" (Charles way of saying Whats that?) and here I would have to make up some excuse as to why a weapon has been included in this toy....or tell him the truth.
I've always said that I don't want to lie to my children, or hide things from them. So if they ask about sex, I tell them about sex, if they ask about death, I tell them about death, but at 4 years old or younger, do I really want to explain to my child that "if the Rhino is naughty the ranger shoots him"? Of course I don't.

If you hadn't already guessed this present won't be unwrapped by Charles on his birthday.

What is your opinion on it?
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