Help Dora Help: Nick Jnr Campaign.

This week I took the bull by the horns and put off doing something that has been eating me up inside…..I’ve filled in, signed and handed in the forms for Charles’ selected preschool for next year.

With me being fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum we so far haven’t had to send him to a childminder, nursery or preschool. But choosing the right preschool/nursery for next year is very important to me, and making sure the chosen school recieves as many benefits is something I'd like to encourage.
It’s something that not only I worry about [choosing the right school] but my husband also. We’ve studied Ofsted reports and made our decision, including our decision to have to move in approx 8-10 years time so our High School catchment area is different.

Nick Jnr currently have a great campaign for Nurserys and Preschools using Dora the Explorer. The initiative aims to get pre-schoolers exploring. The campaign is supported by The Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts.
The campaign consists of a free activity pack, giving nurseries and pre-schools educational activity resources, and the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to £20,000.

Your pre-school could use the fund to:
  • Kit out their setting with new games and toys.
  • Provide and install outdoor equipment.
  • Give the children an unforgettable adventure day.
  • Build a play area.
  • Or something that will make a real difference to how their preschoolers learn and develop!

By registering for Help Dora Help your pre-school setting will receive a free pack containing:
  • Six curriculum linked session plans, giving children the chance to use their imaginations, solve problems and practise their sense of physical adventure.
  • A comprehensive Practitioner’s Guide including a Help Dora Help Award Fund application activity and full details of the submission criteria.
  • Exclusive reward stickers and much more.
Runners up will be awarded discovery and learning equipment packages and Dora the Explorer will visit a selection of the successful nurseries. 

Tina McCann, MD Nickelodeon UK, said: “As a broadcaster dedicated to offering pre-school audiences the best entertaining and educational content, we’re delighted to continue our support of pre-school education in the community with Help Dora Help. The campaign mirrors the very essence of what Dora the Explorer and Nick Jr. offer children - early years development and personal discovery.”  

Pre-schools and nurseries can apply here for the free Help Dora Help Activity Pack and Award Fund: Nick Jnr: Help Dora Help.

Entries for the Award Fund need to be received by 22nd July, these entries will be shortlisted to five finalists by the judging panel including a representative of The Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts and Helena Dowling, presenter of Nick Jr.’s Wake up World.
The pre-school, nursery or playgroup to be awarded the Help Dora Help Award Fund will then be voted for Nick Jr viewers.
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