It's all perfect!

On the 21st of May I was having a wobble and I posted about my "doubts" over our second child.

What happens if I can’t handle it? I can handle it.
What happens if I can’t cope? I can cope.
What happens if he is too much of a stranger? He's not a stranger. It feels like he's always been here.
What happens if he doesn’t fit in? At 2 weeks old today he has slotted perfectly into the family unit, he fits in perfectly.
What happens if it affects my relationship with Charles? I'm not going to lie, its been affected a tiny bit in that Charles' behaviour has been a bit off for the last couple of days but this could be down to the terrible twos. On a positive note though Charles and my husbands relationship has never been better and they are a lot closer than before!
What happens if I can’t be myself around him? I can! Infact I have never felt more like me!
What happens if it seems as though we are just babysitting someone else’s baby? We're not. He's our baby, no one else's.
What happens if really I’m not ready? I've never been more ready!!
I love him so much already, I don’t want to let him down. I haven't let him down. I can already see that he loves me and it makes me feel amazing.

Life is perfect.

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