Carseat Commotion

The two boys already seem to have a lot in common in terms of looks, mannerisms etc and also....their hatred for our car seat. Except I'm not sure if it is just the particular car seat but just travelling in the car in general.
Every single journey out, whether it be a 5 minute trip to the supermarket, recycling center or doctors surgery or a longer trip to my mother in laws or to local attractions normally involved us having to listen to Harry crying and crying. I hate it.
I hate not being able to help him understand and let him know that it's ok and we haven't abonded him, we're not ignoring him and that as soon as we reach our destination I'll be able to cradle him and fix it for him.

We are a no-dummy house. Charles didn't have one, we tried a couple of times but he wasn't interested. I thought about introducing a dummy for car journeys only as a short-term solution but we tried a dummy with Harry and he's also not interested which is good for us as we don't like them anyway.

Charles was the same with the carseat so I think its either:
1: Uncomfy carseat {although other friends babies get on fine)
2: They hate not being able to see us. (Although if Harry does see me he doesn't understand why I can't hold him)
Or......what else?

I don't know what to do or where to go with this. I try talking to him, singing to him. I feed him before he goes into the car thinking he will stay [or fall] asleep. I've tried placing a muslin right next to him which has the scent of my milk on it so he can smell me.

It makes car journeys so difficult because when we get to where we are going I have to give him a huge cuddle, and it can take a while for him to calm down and to catch his breath again, he is dripping with sweat and his face is all red, and he may need/want feeding.
It can also make driving really difficult because its hard to concentrate over the noise but hearing my baby so stressed out can be really distracting but also it stresses me out.

I can't let this affect our lives and stop us from going out so much but I need to do something.
But what??
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