The Gallery: Animals

After recently rediscovering a lot of photos I'd taken at Bristol Zoo, Africa Alive and Wroxham Barns I was delighted to see the theme of Animals for The Gallery.
I'll keep it short and simple this week: The theme is: Animals.

I'm sure we're going to see a lot of photos of pets, but try to branch out, be a bit different *
kicks self for even thinking this phrase, let alone writing it* - think outside the box.
Test yourself. Go off in search of a cow or a ladybug or something a little more exotic.
I had so many other photos to share too but think 7 is more than enough anyway!
Charles loves animals and we try and take him to a zoo or farm as often as we can.
Interesting info: The top two photos were taken the day I found out I was pregnant with Harry. And the Cheetah in the second photo was stalking Charles. Would NOT take his/her eyes off of Charles the whole time we were near. Charles loved it but theres something quite unnerving seeing such a powerful animal salivating over your child!

 Now head on over to The Gallery to see the other fabulous entries

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