The Gallery: Birth

I haven't taken part in The Gallery for a few weeks, I've been busy after all.
When I received the email on Friday and I saw this weeks theme there was no way I wasn't going to join in.

Well, this week's/next week's theme is: Birth.

A bit of a toughie right? Interpret it any way you like. It can be the birth of a child, of an idea, of a new you. The birth of change, of a new beginning, a new career.
You may have seen my previous posts about my birth with Harry.
I'd said before that we had planned to have a water birth, which is what I had with Charles, but due to complications I had to leave the pool and ended up delivering on a bed!
I was very particular about what I wanted, if I had a water birth I wanted to stay in the pool as long as possible, wait for the cord to stop pulsating before it was cut, deliver the placenta naturally.
If I ended up not having a water birth I hadn't really thought about positions I'd of wanted to try out, I again wanted to cord to stop pulsating before it was cut, wanted to deliver the placenta naturally but the most important thing for me was to have the baby delivered to my chest as soon as possible and that he was NOT cleaned. I wanted to feel him all mucky and "freshly delivered".

When I think back to my birth I still have very mixed feelings over it. No it didn't go to plan BUT I always said I accept that things will happen which will mean my birth plan may have to be ripped up, which was the case BUT three weeks and once day ago I had my wish of having my healthy, crying baby placed on my chest straight away, all mucky, gooey and sticky. I couldn't stop running my hands over his body, feeling the goop covering his body just felt so natural and although we had a scary time this moment just felt so natural and almost like it was meant to be.
Sat in the birthing pool the previous afternoon/evening/night [Harry was born at 1:43am] felt nice but didn't quite feel right.

Whenever I feel down about the birth now I look at this photo and it picks me up. This was literally straight after Harry was born, less than 5 minutes. [taken on Blackberry so not best quality]

Here is the first photo taken of me and Charles when he was born. My labour and birth with Charles was so positive and I just feel totally relaxed when I see the photos of the day he was born. If anything I feel a bit odd at seeing the breastfeeding photos because at this point I didn't know about the tongue tie and was happily feeding thinking everything was ok and that the pain was normal [now breastfeeding Harry I realise that part of the pain was normal]
Excuse the chins!

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