The Gallery: World Photography Day

Last Friday was World Photography Day, in celebration of this Tara at Sticky Fingers has chosen it as this weeks theme for The Gallery.

So in celebration, and to make sure as many people get out their with their camera today (I'll accept this weekend if you're busy), this week's theme is: World Photography Day.

It must be a photo from today (or the weekend). Make it a photo to treasure for generations to come; family life, a moment, a precious family member frozen in time, a day out.
Let's remember how bloody brilliant photographs are. Go that extra mile and really try to take a cracker.
Then show it off here.

I am quite obsessed with taking photos anyway, always have been. When Charles was first born I took photos of him every single day. I think in the first 6 months there was only 5 days I failed. 
I am gutted that I haven't done the same with Harry and gave myself a wake up call to get the camera out more. 

When Charles was having his bath on Friday I sat down with Harry and got my camera out, not my Blackberry, not my 'point and shoot' but my DSLR. 
He really started to change now, obviously still looks like a baby but has lost the "newborn wrinkles". He's now getting hair on the top of his head rather than just "round-the-back-old-man-horseshoe-stylee" and of course we are getting the infectious newborn gummy smiles.
Oooooo he melts my heart.

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