Something which is sure to give me goosebumps and put a smile on my face is seeing my children playing or cuddling with my nannies.
Growing up I always said I didn't mind exactly when I had children, but I just wanted my nannies to be around to meet them.

On my paternal side things are a bit confusing. My nan had my dad when she was in her 40's, at the same time his two older sisters were settling down and soon after had their own children. So as a consequence I have 4 cousins who are now in their 40's whilst I am only 25.
I have three second cousins who are around mine and my brothers age. So these are my nannies GREAT grandchildren, all in their early 20's, yet here I am, in my mid 20's, giving her 2 more great grandchildren. See, confusing isn't it.

I think its sometimes forgotten that me and my brother are grandchildren rather than great grandchildren due to the age thing.

Today my nan celebrated her 92nd birthday. [I said she was 93 on Twitter, my mistake] I invited her round tonight so we could give her the present we'd bought her and her cards.
It was also my opportunity to get photos of her and Harry together as I hadn't done this when she first met him.

Two weeks ago my maternal nanny, who lives in Somerset, was over this way on holiday for a week. It was her chance to catch up on Charles' development but also to meet Harry. She is 10 years younger than my other nanny. We don't celebrate birthdays as she is a Jehovah's Witness.

Here are some photos, which I will always treasure, of when both nannies met Charles and Harry.

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