Guest Post: Harry Dale.

Hi Everyone.

I'm Harry. New addition to the Real Household.

Can you believe I'm 8 weeks old today? Gone quick hasn't it?!

To be honest, I've basically slept for 8 weeks. 
Sleeping is my favourite thing to do. My second favourite is drinking mummy milk. Drinking mummy milk has been a bit difficult for me the last couple of weeks because I had Oral Thrush. Mummy thinks its almost gone now but we're going to double check on Thursday when we go for our post-natal check and I get to meet my doctor.
Mummy wants to get me weighed again soon, I was last weighed on the 11th of August, that was almost 3 weeks ago, and I was half an ounce off being 12lb.
Something else is going on on Thursday afternoon at the doctors surgery apparently. We'll be seeing a nurse. Mummy says we are going just so we can have special cuddles but I am suspicious.
Although I'm only 8 weeks old I've been to quite a few places so far.
  • Speedboat Racing
  • Car Rally
  • Africa Alive
  • Dinosaur Adventure Park
  • Framlingham Castle
  • Bressingham Steam Museum
  • A two day Air Show
  • Shopping a few times
I was asleep through most of that though.

I have the coolest big brother. He used to hit me a few times, not hard, but it was just to wake me up because he wants me to play. He didn't realise that I am too little to play.
Sometimes mummy helps me out by making it look like I'm playing cars to keep him happy. He loves it and laughs so I'd never let him know that its not me moving the cars around and that its actually mummy.

He likes giving me kisses and cuddles. He sometimes kisses me too much and he loves to hold my hand.
He tells me all the time that he loves me which is why he kisses me so much. He looks after me if I cry and says "hey, hey, hey, hey, hey" and "alright, alright, alright" "its alright Harry, its alright". He's the best and I love him too.

Sometimes at night when he is in bed and I am still downstairs with mummy and daddy I look for him because I miss him. There is a photo on the wall of him and I look at that a lot. I think we could be best friends.

I love having a bath. I really relax and could stay in there for a long time. I've had two baths with Charles so far. They were fun except mummy and daddy had to take him out in the end because he gets a bit over-excited and starts splashing me.

I didn't ever fit into newborn or first size clothes. Which mummy says is a shame because there were loads of brand new clothes we were given by other people that I didn't get to wear. I'm almost out of most of my 0-3 month clothes now too. Mummy says that Charles was in newborn clothes for a long time. He was always so tiny and has only just caught up with clothes sizes that match his age.

I love cuddles with mummy. I'd much rather be cuddled by her than sit in my swing, bouncer or lay on my playmat, in my playnest or in my moses basket.

She kisses me a lot but I'm not complaining. She constantly tells me she loves me. To some she probably says it too much but I love hearing it.

I always smile whenever she says "where's my smile?" I'm a clever boy already.
Whenever I smile I make a noise which sounds like a little laugh. It makes mummy cry sometimes.

Anyway, I'm hungry now so will be off. 
Will write again soon.
Please think of me on Thursday afternoon xxx

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