If I Won The Lottery.

I think everyone plays this game at some point and imagines exactly what they'd do if they won a fair amount on the lottery [I'm talking millions of pounds]

We've discussed what we'd like. Nice big country house with land so we can keep pigs and chickens, a boat, Range Rover Sport for me [in blue]
All materialistic things of course.

On Thursday we went to Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival. Harry was fab and slept for 4 hours, throughout all the noisy planes, and woke when he was hungry. Thankfully we were stood in an open area watching the Red Arrows at this point so it was easy to take him somewhere discreet to feed him.
I sat behind a tent, in the shade so he was able to open his eyes and not be blinded by the brightness of the sun, and enjoyed a lovely feed. Except I could no longer see the Red Arrows as there was catering vans blocking my view.
As I looked to my left I noticed a mum pushing a pram looking around and she seemed a tiny bit stressed, she looked at me, smiled then seemed to relax. She sat around 3 meters away from me, took a newborn baby from her pram and sat with her back against the wall and breastfed her baby too. I felt like I'd given her the confidence to feed there.

It was then that I realised that all afternoon I'd seen mums, dads, grandparents all happily bottlefeeding their babies openly along the seafront. Able to crouch down with the babies still in their pushchairs and not needing a seat, area of grass or piece of wall to park their bottoms on to feed.
Here I was, sat on the grass, which was slightly damp from an earlier downpour, feeding my baby as there were no seats anywhere along the seafront to be able to sit comfortably to feed my baby.
Also, no one would give up their seat for a breastfeeding mum, would they?

So, as I was sat on this damp grass, starting to get a back ache from the lack of support I had for my back, awkwardly having to keep the shawl I hide Harry under so as to not offend anyone, I made my "If I Won The Lottery" decision.
If money was no object, I would have gazebos/tents which I, and the people I would be able to afford to pay, would then take to events such as Air Festivals, big events, whereever appropriate, so that breastfeeding mummies had somewhere comfortable to sit and feed their babies, on comfortable rocking chairs of course, without worrying about offending anyone, without having to sit uncomfortably on the damp grass because there is nowhere to sit.
I would have a section of the tent/gazebo for bottlefeeding mummies too but it would be primarily for breastfeeding mummies.

And it would be FREE!

Now I'll feed anywhere and if I have to feed whilst sat in a puddle I would, but if I could sit on a comfy chair, in a tent without the fear of someone saying something horrid to me then obviously I would prefer that!

Now lets hope my numbers come up........

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