This is Big Mother: The Housemates

I was gutted last year when it was announced that Big Brother was coming to an end. Although part of me still believes that it had run its course, and maybe shouldn't still continue, because its not about 'the experience' anymore. Its not about how strangers from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc get on when thrown into a confined space to live for X amount of weeks, its now about who can be the most famous, who can cause the most trouble, who can have the romance etc. I don't like that about it.

Then we heard that Channel 5 had taken over and Big Brother would be back! BIG YAY! With Brian Dowling [one of my favourite ever contestants from my top favourite series] to he the host. BIGGER YAY!

And so "Celebrity" Big Brother is upon us.
Of course we use the term "celebrity" loosely but really, it depends on your definition of celebrity.
If celebrity means, well known then yes I guess the majority deserve to be in there. If celebrity means well known for a talent, then no,half don't deserve to be in there.

Kerry Katona: Three reality tv shows, plus her own reality shows? Seriously? And two reality shows in a year. Desperate. I just hope the money she makes out of this goes towards helping her out of her financial state and not towards cigarettes, a boob job and other superficial things!

Tara Reid: Ok, I get that we know who she is.But I have a real problem with Americans coming over to the British Big Brother. At least if you are going to include American Celebs make it someone exciting....like one of the Kardashian sisters or similar.

Paddy Doherty: Really?Celebrity. Surely the fact that under his name his occupation was "traveller" rather than actor, singer, MP gives a clue!

Amy Childs: Comes from a reality programme and then promotes herself on another reality programme. Ok.

Lucien Laviscount: Eye candy ;-) But at 19, he makes me feel like I shouldn't be looking at him in that way!

Bobby Sabel: Who?

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff: Still using the Hasselhoff surname, really? I get that ok she might not want to change her name, my mum and dad are divorced and she hasn't changed her surname but professionally she could just be Pamela Bach. Sad to hang onto the Hasslehoff surname to help you along. Looks great though.

Jedward: Would love to see these two split up to see how they cope without each other. If this is a social experiment, like it used to be, then surely splitting them up would be perfect. I think underneath the hyperactive jumping bean boys there are two very vulnerable young boys who wouldn't know what to do without each other.

Sally Bercow: Right without being sexist, I get that she wants to be a person in her own right and doesn't want to just stand by her husbands side all the time BUT going into the house has completely shown disrespect to her husband due to his job.

Darryn Lyons: Like him, don't have a problem with him at all. Expect that over half of the celebrities in the house actually know him but claim not to as it'll prove which ones are paid for having their setting up shoots and having photos taken by "paps". Would be good if he dished some dirt though.
As yet I couldn't name one celebrity that I'd want to win.
Good tasks, good punishments, team work, nomination twists. I just hope this series is good and they mix it up a lot!

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