This is Big Mother: Secret Task

I love secret tasks in the Big Brother house. In fact last year I loved the Tree of Temptation and then the chest of drawers in the bathroom made from the Tree of Temptation.

As much as I don't like Kerry Katona, I thought her task was fab and actually looked forward to seeing how she did.
Acting like a Diva and having a tantrum over something was tough. I don't think I'd of been able to do it without laughing. And switching beds with another housemate, and then switching back [did we even see how this panned out and if she was successful? I can't recall seeing if she was able to do this] was again tough I think, especially when in a room of Big Ego'd Celebrities.

I was genuinely quite gutted for her that she was the only one who voted that she was the biggest diva in the house. Although could totally understand why Jedward were voted, but think maybe their hyperness and need for attention was mistaken for divaness. If I was Kerry, I'd of kept up the diva strop.tantrum attitude until the voting task. Which it didn't seem she'd done.

I think also Paddy may have got my vote for the biggest diva after he failed to stand up to greet some of the celebrities as they entered the Big Brother House.

When she was called into the Diary Room and told she'd failed it was obviously no surprise but I wouldn't of guessed the punishment. Being up for eviction herself was harsh enough but for her to then pick TWO other housemates to go up against her was cruel, especially as they were watching her do it via the screen in the lounge.

Harsh and cruel though are what we like about Big Brother, break the rules or fail a task then face the consequences.
I look forward to seeing more secret tasks and hoping to see a mix of passes and fails!
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