Through My Eyes

As some of you may know my brother doesn't live in the same town as us anymore. Last year he moved away to Bristol. It broke my heart, especially as he wasn't just leaving me and my mum behind, but because he was leaving Charles behind. 
In 2008 he went to Ayia Napa and worked as a barman out there for a few months. He ended up coming home early, and surprising me, because he was so home sick and had become a bit poorly due to the amount of drinking he was doing, plus the heat, plus the long hours he was working.
Although there were particular reasons for him moving to Bristol, which I totally understand, part of me still wants him home, or at least closer to home.
So I can check he's happy, check he's safe. [**over protective sister alert**]

I guess that because I don't know who he's friends with there, or if he has any real solid friendships (you can't ask him many questions because he'll get stroppy) I constantly worry that he's lonely.

I was going through some photos from earlier on this year when he came home for a week and wanted to share them on here, mostly because I am so proud of them, but also they represent how I see him.
Lost and lonely.

I just want my brother back home.
One day, maybe.

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