I am putting together a list of what to do here in the East and didn't just want to mention and promote local attractions.
One of mine and my husband favourite places on the coast is Wells-Next-The-Sea. We used to visit there a lot before having Charles, due to the fact that we used to camp nearby and then take a 15 minute drive to Wells, grab some chips and an ice cream and watch the fishermen come in.
This is also the place that gave Charles his first experience of sand between your toes!

What do we love about Wells?
Well you know when you visit place and you straight away just fall in love? Its like that. It's the whole look of the place, and the atmosphere. Sometimes it can be incredibly busy and you feel that sense of panic and stress in the air but at the same time theres a sense of happiness too, knowing everyone is enjoying themselves and having a lovely day out.

Parking can be an absolute nightmare. We tend to head to the carpark at the end of the long stretch of road leading down to the beach. On the colder days parking can be easy but in summer months, one tip: Don't.Even.Bother.Trying!
We then opt for parking in one of the carparks either at the top of this long stretch of road or smack bang in the middle. These car parks are normally manned by attendents and cost around £5 for the day.

Near the carpark at the top of this road is a huge park, obviously great for children. There's also the opportunity to do some trampolining and to visit some arcades which are situated near the harbour. You'll also find the toilets here and another block of toilets at the carpark at the very bottom of the road [near the beach]
If caught short though you can always visit the campsite which sits along this stretch of road.

The beach is amazing! Its worth bringing a picnic, finding a great space on the sand and planning on only moving to go into the sea or for toilet trips!
The beach can sometimes become quite muddy and gungey but its easily avoidable [most of the time].
The sand goes on for miles, and when the tide is out it goes on for even longer. When we visited in April 2009 we walked for over an hour and still didn't reach the sea! At 7 months pregnant and suffering bad with sciatica we admitted defeat and gave up our quest to find the shore and headed back.
The beach is well worth the visit just to glance at the beautiful beach huts that line up at the top of the sand. Beautiful pastel colours and some doors decorated with bright patterns and the Union Jack.
Beyond the beach huts is the car park and a wooded area which is lovely to explore.

As I mentioned before if you don't want to visit the beach then just sit at the harbour and watch the fishermen at work. Its changed quite a lot, although gradually, since we used to go but its still a busy harbour with always something going on.

Of course you can grab a delicious tray of fish n chips but be prepared to queue! Theres also a seafood shack, a boat which I believe is a restuarant and a couple of cafes along the way too, as well as ice cream parlours.
If you want to pick up a bucket and spade you'll have no trouble as the quay side is inundated with little shops selling such items.

There is a small train which will transport you from the beach to the harbour. This is quite a distance, hense the trains exisitance, but it can be walked if you are feeling fit or up for a nice walk along the shore.
We do tend to take the train now, mainly due to the fact that the last few times we've gone I've been heavily pregnant or we've had a few bags to carry as well as Charles but be warned, its a tad pricey for what it is.

We last visited Wells 3 months ago and there were more developments underway which we look forward to seeing when we next visit.

TOP TIP: TAKE CASH, and lots of it!

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