You know you're a mummy when.....

  • You have no idea what any of the songs in the charts are but can sing the theme tune to at least ten different Cbeebies programmes!
  • Sky Plus is full of childrens programmes rather than soaps/reality shows etc.
  • TGIF or "Happy Friday" normally results in you singing 
Give it up for Friday,
Clap your hands on Friday.
Let’s dance it’s Friday,
It’s a happy Friday,
The fifth day of the week.
  • 8am is considered a lay in.
  • Words your child/ren has made up become part of your everyday vocabulary.
  • You visit the fruit and veg aisle at the supermarket and sing "Meet the Veggies"
  • Driving in the car you point out buses, boats and trains even though its only you in the car.
  • You forget what a cup of hot tea/coffee tastes like and grow to prefer them cold anyway.
  • You're sat watching Mickey Mouse and realise that your toddler has been in bed napping for over an hour!
  • Conversations over dinner about poo don't phase you.
  • If someone asks you who you favourite band is you reply with "Zingzillas"
  • When writing a baby names list, most of the names on the list are stolen from Cbeebies programmes.
  • Your idea of the best birthday present [for yourself] is just a half an hour soak in the bath....undisturbed!
  • You even start to check that your husband/pet is still breathing.
  • You randomly sit there bobbing your knee up and down even though the baby is sat in his/her bouncer.
  • You cradle the cat and rock her whilst shushing at the same time.
  • You tell your husband that he can't have any dessert because he didn't eat all his dinner.
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