Christmas Countdown: The Story of Father Christmas

With 3 months to go, I am already starting to get excited about Christmas! And therefore believe a Christmas countdown is in order!

I love the idea of Father Christmas and am so excited that this year we will be able to start the magical story properly with Charles.
Since his first Christmas I have still made Christmas magical. I've talked about Father Christmas, signed a present/s from Father Christmas, left the mince pie and drink out and even put a carrot out for the reindeer, just to get the idea going even though Charles was too young.
We have yet to take Charles to meet Father Christmas. Simply because in 2009, when I visited a Garden Center, which when I was little was the place to go to meet Santa, I was left highly disappointed. Walking around looking at the beautiful lights we turned round to see a short skinny man dressed as Santa. He was the worst Santa I have ever seen, and as a result we saved £5 and left.
I didn't want to find an alternative and as a result decided last year that I wouldn't bother either. Charles didn't understand afterall.
But this year I am determined to find the best Father Christmas. The man who fits the description and helps to create the excitement I desperately want my child to feel around this lovely time.

We are currently debating, well we have been debating this for a few years, on how our story will go.
We have no chimney so how does Santa get in?
I like the idea of Daddy staying up to see that Santa comes, makes sure Santa has something to eat and drink. As a child I hated the idea that a man was able to get into our house so my parents also said that my dad used to stay up.
There's also the story of presents.
I can't entirely remember what we used to do when I was little.
We would have our "main present" [tv for our bedrooms one year, snooker table another year, bikes another year etc] and then little presents. Now, Santa either brought our big presents, or he brought the smaller presents to accompany the bigger presents. I should check on this.

I love the idea of writing a list for Christmas, and we will do this every year from now on. Even writing the ridiculous [Rhino, plane, Zebra etc] to the simple [books, etc] Father Christmas will be sent a copy of this list and select 3 items from the list to give to Charles.

In between now and December I'm going to show Charles pictures of Father Christmas, try an introduce the story to him early by finding books and dvds. He currently thinks Makka Pakka comes to our house every night to lay stones around our front garden so I fully expect him to embrace and accept the story of Father Christmas with no questions at all!

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