Simple, effective, cute and so funny!

I urge you all to try this.
It's best done if  your child is into In The Night Garden but I guess it can be adapted to other 'non-speaking-but-makes-some-kind-of-noise' tv character.

What you need:
2 phones
2 people [adults]
2 free rooms
A gullible child

1: One adult must leave the room which contains the remaining adult and gullible child. Both adults must have a phone each.
2: The adult who is now alone and in a seperate room must call the phone which is in the possession of the adult left with the child.
3: The phone must either be put on speaker or given to the child.
4: The adult must now impersonate Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy or Iggle Piggle.
5: Sit back and relax and watch the look of amazement an excitement on your childs face as they "speak" to their favourite Night Garden character.

Charles was so excited that he copied everything my husband Makka Pakka was saying and kept talking about it for hours afterwards.
I have 2 videos of us doing this and cannot find them anywhere but trust me! Its hilarious, simple and so much fun!
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