Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?

I am laying in bed as I write this, at 2:39am. I'm not alone in the bed. I'd fully expect you to assume that I am laying next to a 6ft something man whom I call my husband. except you'd be wrong. Instead I lay next to a newborn baby, snuggled in next to me.

I am a bed-sharer, co-sleeper, whatever you like to call it. its my way of parenting.
I did the same with Charles and it worked for us.
It comes with its fair share of negative comments, because of course, as with all areas of parenting, everyone is required to tell you what you are doing wrong and what they don't agree with!

Sometimes Harry will sleep in his moses basket at night, sometimes he won't. and when he does, he sleeps on his front, and has done since he was a week old. At first he was fine sleeping on his back, then he changed his mind and wouldn't sleep on his back at all.

I follow guidelines as much as I can but sometimes think that mothers instinct needs to take over.
I feel uncomfortable at my babies sleeping on their backs at times. I was told that sleeping on their backs is partly due to the fact that if they are sick, and are on their front, they can suffocate on their vomit. This to me seems like a sort of rubbish reason for me to sleep them on their backs as with both boys they have choked when they have been laying on their backs and have been sick.

I sleep better when Harry is in bed with me. I'm not a deep sleeper at all which is why I am confident enough to co-sleep and find that if he is in his basket I wake up looking for him and end up accidentally waking him.
I constantly check that he is still breathing, which at 27 months I still do with Charles (and have been known to do with my husband!)

One thing I hate about parenting, is the constant criticisms and comments from others.
When co-sleeping with Charles I faced constant criticism from my husbands dad and his partner claiming I was making a rod for my own back etc. Which is rubbish as Charles took to his own room with no problems until now, although the problems we face now with bad nights is unrelated to co-sleeping.
I have a problem, personally, with straight away forcing my children to sleep alone, in a tiny moses basket, when for 9 months they have been snuggled so warmly and cosy inside me. Why would I then want to immediately want to make them sleep alone? I waited 9 months for each boy to come along and looked forward to hours of cuddling, co sleeping gives me extra cuddling hours!

I faced comments from people too about how long I planned to co sleep, with some saying that at 16 I would have to stop breastfeeding Charles and send him out of our bed, which to me is really inappropriate! At 6 months Charles went into his own room, if he woke at night he would then come in to us and I would feed him and either leave him with me or take him back to his own room.
We went with it.
 It worked.

I didn't plan to co sleep with Charles, it just happened as he hated his moses basket. it just happened naturally. and the same has happened with Harry except this time I was prepared and expect to co sleep with him, and yes secretly hoped that we would co sleep.
I also plan to co sleep for a while because he's not going to be tiny forever and I want to make the most of these moments whilst I can, to treasure them and hold on, tight. 

These babies grow up so quick and will soon be grumpy teenage boys who don't want to be cuddled by their mummy, so why wouldn't I steal these precious moments whilst I can? (and they make great hot water bottle alternatives for winter!)
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