The Big Facebook Decision

I’m sitting here, once again, annoyed at Facebook. Only this time not annoyed at the new layouts, privacy issues etc but instead, by its users.
My friends in fact.

Facebook seems to of created a Generation of “Lazy Communicators”.
Gone are the days of desperately trying to find a place to put the overflow of birthday cards that flood your letterbox every year.
Gone are the days of being held up on the phone chatting away, missing your favourite tv programmes to have a gossip with friends.
Gone are the days of proper conversation and needing to ask “How are you?” and “What have you been up to?” because we simply know the answers by peoples Facebook status updates.

I can’t even remember the last time a friend randomly posted on my wall on Facebook wanting a chat.

If I now go onto my Facebook News Feed I can see moany status updates, people wingeing about nothing or using it to have a dig at other friends or their partners.
Facebook has become part of my daily routine. First thing I do when I wake up and wait for my legs to be able to work is to check for status updates, and most days I now find myself sighing as I see negative status after negative status after negative status. And I truly believe that this can sometimes set your mood for the day!

The other thing I hate is the attention seeking statuses. Such as
Ann has had enough
Ann feels so down
Ann L
Then, when asked what the matter is, either reply with “nothing, I’m ok” or “I’ll inbox you” or simply, they do not reply at all. Leaving a trail of confused, paranoid and worried “friends”.

It certainly brings out the childish side to most people and I wonder really if it’s something I want to be part of.

Last week I deactivated my account due to the privacy settings being unreliable. I had a text from someone asking why I had deleted her and after much toing and froing with said friend I decided to reactivate but to make all my photos viewable to only me, at least I assume this is what I have done.
With the many photo albums I have on there and the fact that most are not on a hardrive anywhere else I find it hard to completely delete my profile as then these photos will be gone. So, in order to delete my profile I’d need to sit and grab every photo so they are not lost in cyberspace.
I also like to use it to keep my brother up to date with photos of days out we’ve had with the boys. As he lives away he doesn’t seem them much so this is the best way.

As I said before conversations are now limited due to Facebook Statuses.
“So what have you been up to?”
“Well we went to the zoo at the weekend”
“Yeah I know, I saw it on Facebook”
“Oh yeah”
Conversation ends.

I also sit in shock at some statuses and how graphic some can be, or how much information some can contain. From a lot of detail about illness-ranging from someone announcing they have an upset tummy to describing texture of sick, I wonder if these people really think before they post.

I do understand that people like to use Facebook as a source of company and to get sympathy when ill. I have used it for both myself, but there is a clear line and this can easily be crossed and on too many occasions it is.

And then there is the other bug bear. Where people fail to return text messages or other forms of message yet clearly go on Facebook and like statuses and update their own status etc instead of replying to your contact. Then later using the excuse that they “had an early night” or “was so busy doing housework”, forgetting that Facebook has tracked their every move and shared it with everyone on their friends list.

The more I sit here, think about the negatives, think about all the hassle it brings and the negative side it brings out in people the more I make my mind up.

And so now to start the mammoth task of saving all my photos to the netbook, and getting over my obsession with it!
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