Mummys Birthday Boat

Last month I celebrated my 26th birthday. It was going to be quite special this year due to the fact that 2 months previous we had completed our family when Harry made his [dramatic] entrance into the world. I love spending my birthday doing something, going somewhere, rather than sitting around, and especially love to be surrounded by my family.
Last year my husband worked the morning of my birthday so I spent the morning with Charles and headed over to my neighbours house to have bacon sandwiches and a hot cup of tea. The afternoon consisted of lunch with my dad, step-mum and my nan, as well as my husband and Charles. Then a trip to collect a rabbit hutch we had won on Ebay and to go and choose a rabbit we would like to give a home too. We then headed over to Norwich to celebrate my sister in laws 30th birthday. Charles was incredibly grumpy due to it being passed his bedtime so we stayed for around 30 minutes-an hour and then left.
The next day my husband had hired a Skipper boat for the two of us for the day. He put together a fab hamper, including champagne and we left Charles with my mum for the first time in 15 months. 
The day was amazing, other than leaving Charles, and we decided that, when old enough, we had to take Charles on a boat too.
So that's what we decided to do this year. We'd told Charles about it a week previous and he was very excited. He decided to call it "Mummys Birthday Boat" and asked everyday whether or not we were going to see "Mummys Birthday Boat". Once he saw the boat he was even more excited letting out a big "YAY" and telling us it was "a nice white boat with a blue roof".
It was incredibly windy due to us being hit by the tailend of a hurricane but it was warm so we couldn't complain about the weather. 
Charles surprised us both by not complaining at having to wear a lifejacket and kept it on for the duration of the day (11am-5pm) 
We again took a picnic (minus the alcohol), and floated along the Norfolk Broads taking in the beautiful scenery. We let Charles drive a few times which he loved. 
We ate chocolate cake and the boys (minus Harry) decorated the cabin of the boat with 'Birthday Girl' balloons and a birthday banner. The balloons were supposed to be a surprise but Charles had ruined it by coming back from town and telling me what they had bought. Although it was my fault, I did ask him what they had bought in an attempt to find out what my birthday presents were.
At 4:30, as we were heading back to the mooring site Charles decided to lay down on the seating area at the back of the boat and go to sleep. He certainly picks his moments.
After having slight trouble mooring the boat we eventually made it back to the car. We had the tricky job of transporting all of the "stuff" we needed to take, plus the two boys and 6 Birthday Girl Balloons!
All in all it was a fantastic birthday once again. 

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