A Broken Bed and The Secret Book Place

When Charles was born we agreed that, because I was "in charge" of feeding him, my husband would be "in charge" of nappy time (which he never minded) and bath time.  
He's also always been head of story reading, well as he's a voiceover in the daytime it seems only right that he would use his talents at home too.

There have been times when I've been downstairs cleaning or making dinner, or just having a 5 minute sit down after a busy day and felt the need to rush upstairs to be with them both at storytime.
Not because my husband is that good at reading stories (although he is very good but that's not the reason I rush upstairs)
But simply because I get a bit jealous. I hear them both having fun, giggling away, making little jokes that I don't understand. But also I just love listening and watching them bond.
I love seeing this strong father/son relationship build and get stronger and stronger.

Imagine my shock a week and a half ago when I realised that Charles' bed had somehow broke. I asked him if he knew what had happened and he told me "nanny sue done it" (my mum had been changing the bedding when I found the bed broken)
I told my husband who simply said "I didn't do it" Giggled and scuttled off. When I asked him to explain the giggle he told me that Charles has pushed him onto the bed and it had split.
Surely a toddler couldn't push a grown man hard enough that he could break a bed?
Staring at him I eventually got the truth.
"I might of jumped on his bed when we were playing"
Oh dear!
That night I tried to get the truth out of Charles. He looked at his daddy not knowing what to say. It was quite a sweet moment. He didn't want his daddy in trouble, but at the same time, knew he had to tell me the truth.
He gave my husband a "please forgive me" smile and turned to me and said "oh no, daddy broke the bed".

Other than this secret, they also share another secret.
Secret book place.
I remember putting Charles to bed one night and he kept mentioning "book place".
I had no idea what he was talking about.
My husband then told me it was the place he keeps his current favourite book, rather than with the rest on the shelf in his bedside table.

Although I don't want to encourage Charles fibbing and keeping secrets from me I do love Secret Book Place.
Every night I sneak into his room whilst my husband is getting him ready for bed and ask where Secret Book Place is. Sometimes he'll tell me.
Sometimes he'll tell me he doesn't know, or gives me the wrong answer.

I truly hope my husband is able to build this same sort of relationship with Harry too when he's older.
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