Personalised Cake Ribbon

Before you think I am showing you how to make your very own personalised cake ribbon I'll be honest, I'm not.
Instead I am telling you of a company you must use if you need such a product.

As I said before, we are planning Harrys Christening which is to take place in just under 2 weeks time!
My step-nanny is making the cake and after originally planning on buying a "spray" for the top which we could then use for Harry's birthday cakes, we have instead left it up to her to make a sugarcraft crib [or similar] for the top and to stencil on his name. I have left it up to her to surprise me on the day.
I still had the job though to find a personalised ribbon.

Back in April I had started to plan the Christening (yes, even though Harry wasn't even born) and headed straight to eBay to search for banners, balloons, confetti etc.
Personalised cake ribbon was also on my list. I found a few which were nice but not perfect enough and then found one which really stood out.
A wide selection of ribbon and font colours. Hundreds of font styles and a choice of symbols to use at the beginning and end of the wording (cross etc)

Two weeks ago, after finalising the plans for the cake, decided it was best to buy the ribbon so it would arrive on time.
After asking about measurements on Twitter I decided in the end to go for a 2 metre long ribbon. Enough for the cake and some spare.
With the item paid for I sent over the details for the ribbon and expected a delivery within a week or so.....

The very next day the ribbon was with me! How is that for quickness?!
I was excited to see the quality of the ribbon, font, design etc and was so pleased when I realised how fantastic it actually is!
The ribbon colour was perfect and just as I imagined rather than a shade lighter or darker as others experience with other companies. The font was crisp and clear.
Overall the ribbon is seriously perfect and just what I wanted.

I was really glad I used this company rather than some of the others.
In with my ribbon I noticed a leaflet with a web address and had a look at the company website.
I was amazed at the variety of special occassion products they have available and could spend a fortune there.

For great products and great communication I highly recommend www.pawzandribbon.co.uk
Cupcake makers you should check out their personalised cake toppers! Amazing!

* I will post photos of the ribbon afer Harrys Christening.
* I received nothing in exchange for this post. I bought the ribbon myself and chose to write this post. I believe in sharing great products and experiences to help others. The company will only be aware of this post when I point it out to them.
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