Since I was 14 I've been on the pill. I had to change to a different one in 2004 because I kept experiencing quite severe hot flushes and tiny blisters on my face.
Once I'd changed all was fine.
Then I came off the pill to start a family.

Once I'd had Charles I didn't go back on the pill immediately as I was advised that it wasn't essential due to me breastfeeding (although I know in some cases women get pregnant whilst breastfeeding anyway)
We had already decided that we would like another child quite soon so contraception wasn't an issue.
Despite breastfeeding my cycles returned 9 months later and then 7 months (approx) later I fell pregnant. (still breastfeeding)
We'd always planned to just have 2 children so knew that once I'd given birth I would have to use contraception.
I knew of the coil as a close family member had used one successfully for 10 years, and after looking in the contraception leaflet given to me by the midwife 4 hours after giving birth, the time I really didn't want to think about ever having sex again, I thought it would be suitable for me.
I made an appointment in August with the doctor who deals with the coil at my local surgery. She told me about what happens, how its fitted etc and sent me away with a prescription.
Aware of my traumatic birth with Harry she told me to have a good think and make sure I'm really ready before I take my prescription to the chemist and collect the coil (which apparently costs around £100!)
Last month after having my smear test I made an appointment to have the coil fitted. I had to wait a long time as they have to get the doctor and a nurse to fit it and finding a time they are both free is difficult, apparently.
The doctor I saw made it sound like it was a good thing to have and confided that she also had it.

So here we are, 4 days before Christmas and this afternoon I should be having this coil fitted.
Except I'm now having last minute second thoughts.

I Googled.

Weight gain.
Non-existent sex drive.
Constant light bleeding.
Hair loss.
Hair GROWTH (facially in some cases)
Bad skin
Cold sores

I'm now stuck and do not know what to do.

I'm worried that if I go on the pill and miss one that I'll get pregnant again.
But then I'm worried about all of the side effects listed above and couldn't deal with any one of them.

I wonder if its best that I just go on the pill and re-evaluate the coil later next year, once my anxiety has settled, once my periods have returned, once I've lost weight?

At least with the pill I can just stop if I have any side effects.
With the coil I'd have to wait to get an appointment to get it removed.

But I have the coil in the packet ready to take to the surgery ready to be fitted. Think of that money wasted. My doctor is sure to have a go at me for that.
And surely for some its got to be ok and some women won't suffer any side effects at all.

Do I risk it? Taking the easy option and not having to worry about whether or not I took my pill or forgot it. And just because others suffered doesn't mean I will.
Or do I leave it? Taking the option of the pill (and condoms if necessary) to rule out suffering any nasty side effects. Stick to a routine that I was always good at and didn't mess up on before and worked for me.

I'm moody, paranoid and chubby enough as it is. Do I really need to make it worse?
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