Goals for 2012

Courtesy of Wikipedia: 
 A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. According to Gretchen Rubin (author of best-seller "The Happiness Project"): "You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution". 
 This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous. A New Years Resolution is generally a goal someone sets out to accomplish in the coming year. Some examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more environmentally responsible. A key element to a New Years Resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year, and new beginnings.
Every year I have the same goals.
*Be better with money
*Lose weight
*Grow my nails
*Be healthier
*Be more organised

This year, although these still, in reality, need to be addressed (other than growing my nails! Woo!) I have given myself goals which I feel are a bit more achievable. And more of a challenge I guess.

Complete a Photo a Day Project.
I've tried this the last 3 years and something always "comes up" and I end up stopping. With my family now complete I want to work harder to document everything we do, something I've been slack in doing since Harry arrived-mostly due to not having a spare hand to hold a camera with! But also with the genius invention of mobile phone cameras I feel this is a lot more achievable.
With a still broken/unreliable laptop uploading the images and editing them will be difficult but hopefully something I will sort weekly/monthly.
This also requires me to sort out upgrading my Flickr account and my Picnik account. £££!!
My Flickr account holds the images to my last attempts of a 365, as does a blog I started last year.

I love to cook but don't give myself enough time or have enough confidence to do what I want to do.
Last month my aunty bought me a food processor and blender and I have, as a result, been a bit more adventurous.
I also purchased some decent cake tins, an electric hand whisk and an electric knife which obviously helps to be able to make certain dishes.
With these as help I have in the last month made my first Toad in the Hole, Trifle, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing and Butternut Squash Soup.
I have a few things I've challenged myself to make/bake next year.
* Pie
* Sausage Rolls
* Mince Pies
* Chutneys and Pickles
* Pate

Homemade Crafts:
I'm a huge fan of Kirsty Allsopp. I especially love her Homemade Home and Homemade Christmas shows as well as her recent craft programme.
I come from quite a crafty creative family. My aunty used to "draw on wood". I can't remember what its called but she would use a special hot pen and draw and write onto wood. Her stuff was beautiful. I remember her making pencil cases for my brother and me. I can't remember what his had on it but mine had my name and music notes as I was learning to play piano at the time. My aunty would attend craft fayres and fetes to sell her work.
My mum and I also attended craft fayres and fetes. At a young age (9-13) I used to decorate terracotta flower pots. I'd either paint them or decorate them with wallpaper border and pretty pictures (decoupage) They don't sound like much but I was really quite good, if I do say so myself, and would make myself quite a lot of money. People used to think my mum had made them rather than me.
My mum was a glass painter. She'd decorate wine glasses, decanters, mirrors, keyrings etc. She was one of the best around. She then went onto decorating ceramic plates and vases. These were ridiculously popular and she'd have to end up taking orders.
I also remember her and my dad making fantastic mirrors using a tile mirror and MDF. They also used to sell out and were amazing.
We stopped simply as I got older and had to concentrate on school and also gained other hobbies and my mum no longer had time once my dad left us.
This is a shame as I do miss attending craft fayres and its something I'll always treasure in my memories.
So craft has always been in my blood.
For Christmas I was given Kirstie Allsopps craft book from my dad. I looked through the book straight away, feeling a bit overwhelmed with a lot of the crafts and instantly thought that this book would surely end up on my bookcase collecting dust along with all our other useless books.
But then I set myself the challenge. I picked three of my favourite crafts and *HAVE* to at least attempt these three in 2012.
One is quite a cheat really as its bunting and I wanted to have a go at bunting before I was given this book but at least now I know exactly how to do it. Rather than simple guessing.
Both boys will be getting "new rooms" in 2012 and I want to make the bunting especially for that, and maybe even make some for the playroom and our bedroom which is on the list to be redecorated at some point.
I have literally just ordered Kirsties Homemade Home book and will do similar with that. Picking 3 crafts to attempt to do either for our house, or as Birthday and/or Christmas Presents.

Other things are simply getting our garden sorted, tidied and organised. When we moved in it was a blank canvas really. Patio and an area which can sort of be described as grass (its more weeds than anything!) I have an area at the bottom of the garden which for some reason was rubbish at keeping grass alive so I've planted a few plants in there which are doing amazing so far, I just need to add more and make it look more like the 'wild garden' that I want it to. And I also need to section it off so little legs don't go walking around there.
We also hope to successfully grow some of our own veg in 2012. We grew some in 2011 and enjoyed it and loved the novelty of being able to pop into the garden for certain veg. This year we want to do it properly so will be attempting to make our own wooden crates to grow the veg in. The soil around here is so rubbish that veg wouldn't survive...and we wouldn't have any garden left!

Other than that I just plan to have a great year for our boys. To create some bloody fantastic memories for them and enjoy every single second.
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