How Does He Get In?

I remember when I was little, laying in bed, really still, listening out for sleigh bells and listening to the door opening and the man in the red suit delivering our presents.

We had a chimney but a gas fire. Our parents tried to convince us that the front of the fire opened, like a door, and that was how Santa came in.
I didn't like it though. And came to feel worried and would panic that anyone could and would come in.
The story had to change and it turned into my dad waiting up and letting Father Christmas in through the front door.
I felt comfortable with that.

Even before I had children I would think about how the story of Father Christmas would play in our house.
Which gifts would he bring?
What would he drink?
What would he eat?
How would he get in?

We considered the magic key story. Coming in through a window. Daddy waiting up for him (which would totally fail if Charles is having a bad night and ends up in our bed).
We settled on 'The Secret Door'.
We don't know where this secret door is.
Father Christmas does of course and is the only person who knows where it is therefore the only person who can open it and walk through it.
Charles has informed me that Father Christmas will drink beer and eat cake. (Lucky daddy!)

We then last night discussed what would happen if Charles and his friends were ever to discuss and question the different stories they are all given about Santa.
Our answer: "He does it differently for every child so he doesn't get caught"

Its at Christmas time that I really wish we had a fireplace so we could play out the story of Santa coming down the chimney.

How does Santa get into your house?
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