We Made It: Part One

There were certain things I imagined doing with my children.
* building sandcastles
* snuggling on a sofa sharing snacks
* gardening together
And * making homemade christmas decorations and gifts.
This year with Charles being old enough to take part in certain crafts and with us being stuck at home with colds, apart from a brief trip to the garden centre to check out their decorations where we happened to find a pack of Christmas stickers, we decided to make some different Christmas decorations.

The first thing we made is super simple. Charles made two 'sticker papers' as he calls them, basically using his Christmas stickers he made some pictures.
I then found some glitter tubes at the supermarket and HAD to purchase them
We made some patterns and pictures on some paper using a Pritt Stick and then sprinkled our glitter where we wanted it.

All very simple. Except I didn't just want these to be random pictures we would then throw away or end up accidently ripping.
Which is when I had a great idea.
Homemade Christmas Placemats.

For Fathers Day I made a similar item for my husband. Charles had coloured in a picture of two stickmen, one being daddy and one being him. I then had this laminated and meant for it to be kept in my husbands studio for him to use as a [large] coaster for drinks. We kove it so much though that its stuck on one of our Christmas Cupboards in pride of place!

So with that, headed off to my dads work on Saturday morning and he kindly laminated these pictures for me.
Et Voila!!

4 Placemats to bring out every Christmas!

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