Guest Post: Charles' Guide to Being a Big Brother

1: Give your little brother/sister lots of cuddles

2: Give your little brother/sister lots of kisses

3: Constantly remind your little brother/sister of how much you love them. They need to hear it at least 50 times a day.

4: Same as 3 but make sure you tell everyone you see that you love your brother. Repeat it to them between 5 and 10 times for maximum effect.

5: Help with nappy changes. Especially once in big boy pants yourself as it helps assert you as BIG brother against your BABY brother/sister.

6: Tell your little brother/sister that they are special to you and that you will always look after them.

7: Introduce your baby sibling to much needed to know television characters and personalities. Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka being top of the list.

8: Show your baby sibling how to eat, but remind them whilst doing so that they are infact too little to eat such food.

9: Rub your baby siblings tummy whilst sharing a bath. Splash them a couple of times so they know who's boss.

10: On Christmas Day, point out your baby siblings present from Father Christmas to them. Make sure you tell them what it is before opening it.

11: Following on from 10, to get in mummy and daddys good books, choose to open your baby siblings present first, even before any of your own.

12: Test all of your baby brother/sisters toys before they do. No matter how excited they are to play with it, you need to make sure it's suitable.

13: When your baby sibling is crying or moaning, go up to them, give them a cuddle or hold and their hand and say "its ok, my here now, it's alright, it's alright"

14: Following from 13, if baby doesn't shhh then tell it to. Normally "be quiet" works before mummy will fully intervene and remove you from the situation and take over.

15: When anyone comes to the house immediately introduce them to your baby sibling. "This is <insert baby name" works or "<insert baby name> is here" and point at baby.

16: Help to push the pram. Girls love it and will definitely talk to you, especially older girls.

17: When your sibling is asleep wake them up. It shows who's boss.

18: Remind your sibling how many eyes, hands, ears etc they have. Mix it up sometimes but saying they have 4 eyes and 5 ears. It's funny.

19: If you aren't so keen on sharing your toys then there is a middle ground and mummy and daddy find it acceptable. Jet your sibling watch you having fun with your toy, just don't let them touch it.

20: Make sure they are reminded who is boss and who was here first.
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