Guest Post: Harry's Guide to Being a Little Brother

1: Let your brother cuddle you and kiss you as much as he wants to. Its not worth the hassle in fighting him and secretly the attention is lovely.

2: When in the bath, splash your brother first, you won't get told off because you are "a baby and didn't mean to do it". He'll then splash you back but all you need to do is act like you didn't like it and your brother will be told off. You are in control.

 3: Let your brother play with your toys first. He'll soon get bored.

4: Following from 3, when your brother plays with your toys, scream and mummy will then "compromise" and let you play with one of the "big boy toys". Win win situation. You'll either get to carry on playing with the big boy toy whilst your brother plays with baby toys OR your brother will want to play with his big boy toy therefore leaving your toy now free for you to play with.

5: Let your older sibling change your nappy. Be cute whilst doing so so that mummy takes photos and videos. These videos and photos will be a great bribing/blackmail/revenge tool in years to come.

6: Smile when your older sibling introduces you to new tv characters when infact Iggle Piggle was SO last year and now its all about the Abadas.

7: Once your big brother or sister is in bed and has fallen asleep cry and scream the house down. Payback for disturbing your daytime naps.

8: You might find your older sibling can be a bit rough. Just take it for now, it doesn't last long and moaning just makes them worse, one day you will get your revenge.

9: Throughout the day your older brother or sister will tell you how much they love you. Remember this when they are then waking you up from your much needed nap.

10: Don't complain when your brother is pushing you in the pram and crashing into everything. Girls will think you are both cute.
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