Harry at 6 months

How did it get to January 2012 so soon?
Today Harry is 6 months old. I cannot believe it.

We're now attempting to wean him and so far he's doing ok. I'm still breastfeeding him and have no plans to stop anytime soon.
We're still co-sleeping in the spare room and will soon be making the move of putting him in his own room. Firstly we need to sort out the spare room to decorate it ready for Charles' arrival and then will move Harry into what is currently Charles' room.
He has two bottom teeth just under the gum ready to burst through any day now!
He babbles a lot and recently discovered a horrible scream, which he thought was hilarious! Thankfully he is over it now!
He's been sitting unaided since he was 21 weeks. A lot sooner than his big brother!!
He's not yet crawling but when he's on his back he kicks to move himself round. He can be quite fast. He also likes to spin himself round.
He totally adores Charles and the feeling is mutual. Their relationship is amazing and I'm so proud of them both. Harry has really started to interact with Charles which makes Charles so happy.

Here are a few recent photos.

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