I'm Making Lemonade...!

 I think it's safe to say that already in 2012 we've been thrown a huge amount of lemons. An overwhelming amount of lemons have hit us from all directions.

I've been without my car for 2 weeks now. We live on the outskirts of town, although we have a cuple of small hops  near us it's not the same as being able to nip to Asda when in need of essentials or do browse at clothes. Especially as there is a distinct price different between Asda and these other shops

So today, with the car parts all here, as soon as the car was fixed, I started the engine and started my drive into town. I'd planned to meet a friend at a Breastfeeding Group. Except I got a quarter of a way there and my clutch stuck.
My car was going nowhere.

Tomorrow we [me, Charles and Harry] are due to go to a friends house. I was going to drive.
Now I will walk...weather permitting!
When life throws you lemons...walk!!

This weekend we were going to meet my husband in another town and then go for lunch. I was going to drive.
Instead I am now going to attempt the train with a baby and a toddler, for the first time.
When life throws you lemons...get some confidence, have some fun and experience something new.

Bring on the lemons.
I'm making lemonade!
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