My Did See a Big Alien in the Kitchen

Charles has a special talent.
I'm not sure if I should really be telling you this.
It could be incredibly top secret.

I'll tell you anyway, but DON'T tell anyone else.

He has a special pair of glasses.
These glasses used to be a pair of my sunglasses.
Little did I know that they were so magical.

These glasses only work when worn by Charles.
When worn he can see....Aliens.
Big. Small. Different Colours.
By they are....everywhere!
They used to just be in the bathroom. But have since come downstairs, infact they are now all over the house.
They come from the moon. Charles sometimes goes to the moon himself. He flys a spaceship.
Then it lands.

He will sometimes grab me some cheese from the moon. It's absolutely delicious.
If an alien ever visits you I have been informed that they eat yogurt. Any kind of yogurt.
He informed me yesterday that he saw a big alien in the kitchen.
I wonder if it was looking for some yogurt?

Charles lets me know when a spaceship is about to land so I can be prepared should an alien decide to show himself to me.
All aliens are male. At least the ones that visit are anyway.

Sometimes daddy goes to work in a spaceship.

I took some photos of Charles in his glasses [excuse the dribble].
Somehow I was able to take a photo of two aliens that had landed in our lounge.
I couldn't see them with my own eyes but the camera was able to capture them.

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