Reasons To Be Cheerful {4}

My RTBC list last week went to pot as soon as I hit publish!
I thought my car a fixed and started to drive to the breastfeeding group I had raLly looked forward to going to. I almost didn't go because of my shyness but built up my confidence that morning and by lunchtime I feel good enough to go.
A quarter of the way there though and my clutch went...again. Thankfully I was able to keep going round to a quiet road if not I'd of been stuffed as the clutch had gone on one of the busiest roads in town.
My husband and his friend saved me.
I never made the group.
Husband tried again to fix the car on Sunday, then it broke again whilst out. My husband was able to get us home thankfully although it was just luck!

So I'm housebound once again. Going mad. Shouting at the rain outside stopping me from going for a walk.
So time to turn that frown upside down and think of some positives.

1: My wonderful husband is buying me a new car (well second hand but you know what I mean). Despite the fact that we have now figured out the problem on my current car and have found and alternative way to fix it (design fault rather than something my husband is doing) I'm too scared to drive it incase the next thing that goes wrong causes an accident!

2: I was able to book a hotel room at the place my husbands friend is getting married at in May. This makes everything so much easier with the boys (if they get tired I can just take them to bed) and it means we can both have.a drink.
I got it for a good price too.

3: I had to go to see my doctor yesterday (nothing serious) and after seein him I always feel lucky enough to have such a great doctor who I trust.

4: The cat seems on the mend and her poorly tummy appears to have been down to her food rather than a bug.

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