Reasons To Be Cheerful {3}

1: Harry has his first tooth.
This should fill me with fear surely. What if he bites me?
Gah, I can deal with that. I breastfed and 18 month old with a mouth full of teeth.
Little "developments" like this really excite me.

2: My friend came round with her new baby this week. She is also breastfeeding and we've planned to go to a breastfeeding cafe together. I didn't go to one with Charles as I hated going by myself.

3: At 6 months old Harry is still breastfeeding really well and we're enjoying every second. My supply is still good which is obviously a relief.

4: We are still cosleeping and my husband has no issue or problem with us still being in seperate rooms.

5: I *think* my car is fixed!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
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