The Weaning Diary {2}

On Monday I posted part 1 of our Weaning Diary. (This was supposed to be a weekly update but I've decided that the odd update in the week would be handy also [ and easier for me to follow too])
Monday it was mostly all about Baby Led Weaning.
Toast was working really well for us, and still is, and Harry seems to love avocado more than anything. Everything else has had him turning his nose up or throwing up.

I wanted to mix it up a bit so on Tuesday I decided to add some pear to the avocado, blitzed it in the food processor to make it a puree and added it to some toast.
He loved it! At first I thought he'd cottoned on to the fact that I was trying to trick him but he seemed to like it anyway.
He took in too much toast at one point and gagged and didn't seem to want anymore toast after that.
Instead I decided to spoon feed the avocado and pear puree I had made.
The results:
No bib....we are rebels!!
He really enjoyed this so it's given me a bit more confidence to make my own puree's and to try spoon feeding as well as giving finger foods.

I think one of the hard things about weaning is being told either go for purees or baby led weaning. There's never a middle ground of doing both.
I'm going to rip up both rule books. If my baby wants some puree he can have it, if he wants to feed himself some toast, then he can.

Infact this mornings breakfast consisted of banana and cream cheese on toast as well as some puree.
Rules are meant to be broken......
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