The Weaning Diary {3}

Well in the past week and a half/2 weeks things have definitely stepped up a gear in terms of weaning.
The arrival of a tooth and the possible arrival of others any day now has affected how Harry eats and what he eats.

We are going down the route of finger foods and purees rather than just BLW or simply purees. This makes life so much easier as I'm not always able to sit and feed Harry but I can give him finger foods and sit with him and prepare dinner, make purees, sort washing or colour with Charles.
Also Harrys moods change. Some days he will want purees, other days he will want toast or similar. I follow his lead.

This week I introduced a plain fromage frais. I've been really mixing flavours from simple banana + yogurt, strawberries + yogurt, avocado + yogurt, grape + yogurt to his definite favourite of...
Avocado + stawberry +mango + banana
+ yogurt!
Stawberries are a huge hit. Straight from the fridge so they are cold seems to soothe his gums and the tough texture as he bites into the fruit seems to offer a relief.
He still doesn't seem too keen on banana by itself but when mixed with something else and with the taste calmed down he will eat it. Although a banana porridge was rejected yesterday.
He also decided to steal some of his brothers grapes which again I think helped with his teething.
Another puree I made was parsnip, carrot and peas. Once again Harry loved this and had it as a puree but also on toast.

I've again used simple fruits on toast as an alternative to jam. Mango on toast was well received yesterday.

The main food that we've tried this week which Harry has shown the most interest in was Pancakes! I smeared a tiny bit of yogurt onto the pancake and within a matter of minutes it was gone! Almost half a pancake!

We've also added Apple Biscotti as an odd snack. He seems to like these and finds them easy to eat...as does his brother!

This week I am introducing rice cakes. I have a pack of plain and a pack of flavoured. I'll add cream cheese to the plain one as well as fruit or veg and may also add some cream cheese or fromage frais to the flavoured one.
I'll also be introducing butternut squash and sweet potato, both as purees and as finger foods.

We'll also be attempting a meal out! Eek!

Weaning Week Three: DONE!
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