The Weaning Diary {1}

One of the downsides to parenting, for me, aside from the teething trauma and growth spurts is weaning.
I hate it.
It makes me feel uncomfortable and I feel a huge amount of pressure.
I'm confused by what I should give and what I shouldn't give.
And with guidelines always changing I never know WHEN is the right time.

With Charles I think, on reflection, that I mistook a growth spurt for hunger.
Weaning was stop and start with Charles. One day he'd eat, another he wouldn't.
I wanted to make my own purees but we ended up using jars. Something I really wasn't happy with. Not that I think using jars made me, or makes anyone, a bad mother, but it wasn't what I wanted to do.
But it was convenient. And as a first time mum, I wanted things to be easy.
With breastfeeding I was used to simply giving a hungry baby what he wanted straight away, without having to wait to heat a bottle or make up formula. And I think this is where I panicked the most.

I wanted it to be as quick as possible. A simple twist on the lid of a jar, spoon into a bowl which is within a bowl of hot water and away we go.
In hindsight, it would've been this simple with food I'd already made. And I tried at times I really did, but I hated throwing away food I'd made. Throwing away food from a jar was still annoying but didn't feel as bad as I wasn't also throwing away the time and effort I'd put in to making a fresh home cooked dinner.

I considered baby led weaning. It seemed to make sense as it follows my way of parenting. In almost every single area of parenting I follow the babies lead. Even now at 2 and a half years old we do the same with Charles to an extent.
I knew only little about baby led weaning but it seemed simple. I gave Charles a chunk of banana, he picked it up, put some in his mouth and within seconds had gagged.
Now I know there is a difference between gagging and choking and gagging isn't so bad but still I hated it. I remained calm for him but inside I panicked.
I wasn't comfortable with this and I think for it to work, we needed to BOTH be confident and ready.
So we went down the puree route and it worked for us.

With Harry we went past the time in which I first tried to wean Charles.
Harry was showing a few signs of being ready and I attempted to offer food from my plate but he just wanted to hold them or would turn his head away.
Just before Christmas I spoon fed some avocado which he loved. I then tried banana which was welcomed with a turned up nose and the same with carrot.
Then he lost all interest. Avocado was even dismissed. I tried again and still nothing so decided to leave it until he needed it.
I have him weighed once a month and his weight gain is amazing on just my milk, which I'm obviously extremely proud of.

After New Year had passed I knew I needed to get this weaning thing going. Harry was 6 months old on the 5th and we are advised to wean NOW.
My husband was eating pate on toast for lunch and Harry reached for it.
I had an idea. I made some toast (lightly toasted using '2' on the toaster) and spread some avocado onto it.
He loved it.
I was surprised at how well he was able to manage eating toast.

This has now become his favourite food.
I tried a puree of banana, strawberry and avocado but it was met with three throw ups! I'm pretty sure he is like me and hates bananas as this is the third time he's rejected them.
Carrots are also met with hatred.
I've also tried him with a strawberry mashed onto some toast, an alternative to jam.
This wasn't an immediate hit but he didn't hate it so I'll definitely try it again within the next couple of days.

It seems that Harry has decided that baby led weaning is the way he wants to go....whether I like it or not.

I definitely need to research further into what I can and can't give him as he looks at our food and sometimes and desperately wants to try it.
If anyone knows of any websites which give correct and good information I'd love to know please.

Week One of Weaning: Done!

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