A Weekend To Be Proud Of.

On Friday my husband went to London for a friends stag celebrations. We'd planned for me to take the boys and drive to the city to meet him to then go on for lunch somewhere.
With my car broken our plans were almost ruined until I decided to be brave and confident.
"I'll take the boys on the train"
The train station is a 30 minute walk from our house. Its a nice walk but at the time I hadn't thought about how much of a hassle it could be. I didn't want to take the double buggy on the train, into the city and into a restaurant so had only planned on taking the pushchair for Harry to sit in and for Charles to stand on.
In this time I just knew he would want to walk, would fall off (its only a small ledge for his feet), would need a wee, would want to see the boats we'd be passing...and of course we'd be late.
So my mum came round and drove us to the station. She kindly waited with us for the train to arrive, although she didn't need to, and placed Charles in the doorway and waved us off.

I was able to find a space for all of us to sit. Charles on a seat by the window, me next to him. Harry was in his car seat, asleep, so I placed him on the floor in front of us along with the folded chassis, 2 bags and raincover.
Charles was so well behaved on the train I couldn't believe it. I expected him to at least play up a little bit.
We met with my husband and went off to Nandos. Harry was still asleep.
I was so proud of not only Charles on the train journey, but of myself.

I bought Charles an umbrella in case it started to rain. At £2.00 I didn't care if it didn't last long.
As we left the station it was raining so Charles asked for him umbrella. He walked really nicely to the restaurant, although I did carry him at one point...mainly so I could get under the umbrella too.
In the past trips out for lunch or dinner have been ruined by boredom, not liking his dinner, not being hungry, wanting to run off because its "funny" (apparently).
Except today he sat and ate all of his dinner plus half of his daddy's chocolate cake. He was a tiny bit bored but was easily distracted.
Harry woke just as I was finishing my dinner and sat in a high chair and ate some pitta bread we'd then ordered for him with avocado and yogurt I'd taken myself. Again he was happy and well behaved.

Going back home wasn't as easy. My husband was now with us and Charles was over-excited so the trip home wasn't as smooth as the previous, although it wasn't awful by any means.
Charles then mananged a very long walk home from the station.

Then Sunday my husband was working on my car so again we were stuck at home waiting for him to finish.
We ran out of time to go shopping so my husband said for me to find somewhere for us to go for dinner. I booked us a table for 6 o clock at Prezzos. I didn't want to go for our local one as it is in the town I used to work in and I didn't want to bump into anyone I used to work with, so we went to one which was 45 minutes away.
The boys both fell asleep in the car which I thought meant they'd be grumpy at the restaurant.
Harry immediately scanned the place for women to flirt with and other diners to grab attention from and Charles collected all of our knives and forks.
Both boys had a starter of garlic bread, Charles ate all of his and Harry ate quite a bit of his, with us giving him a little help. When the mains came we were surprised at how much Penne Pasta (with tomatoes) that Harry ate and how well he ate it. Charles only managed a quarter or his pizza but brought the rest home.

Both boys were amazingly well behaved and we had people from others tables coming over to tell us how astounded they were and how proud we should be.
As we were about to leave Charles even danced with a waitress.
I don't think I could've been any prouder this weekend and really appreciated having others coming over to compliment us.

Parenting can be really hard sometime and we put so much pressure on ourselves on top of the pressure given by others, so its nice when people say "well done! You've done a good job" and ease some of that heavy load so we can relax.
I ALWAYS compliment my friends all the time.I need to do this with strangers more often.

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