Education Influence

As with any parent I want our children to do well at school.
I dread them eventually coming home with a school report stating they are the class clown or exam results which are much lower than expected.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pushy parent and I don't expect them to get straight A's (although that would be nice), but its something I desperately hope for.

I have been thinking recently about any ways we can influence a passion for learning so early on in their lives.
So far Charles seems to enjoy learning. He particularly loves learning about space and can name the majority of the planets and point them out if shown pictures.
He also, typical boy I suppose, loves dinosaurs and regularly looks through my husbands "dinosaur book" [a book that accompanied the Walking with Dinosaurs television series] and is interested generally at finding out how things work, what certain things do.
I just wonder how we then take this further and continue this desire to learn so when he goes to school he isn't too distracted by everything going on around him.

I want learning to be fun.
When I think back on my school life I remember more about lessons from Primary school than middle or high school. Most of these lessons being History.
I'm looking forward to the day Charles and Harry come home telling me what they've learnt about the Greeks, Romans, Saxons and Vikings. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornados and Hurricanes.

My husband likes watching Documentary channels and involves Charles in watching these too. He explains what's happening, the effects of what's happening etc and Charles really seems to "get it" sometimes. He will be really into what he's watching and then come over and tell me all about it.
I want to carry this interest and enthusiasm on for as long as possible and encourage as much as I can until they get to school and go it alone in a sense.

We are going to the National Space Centre next month and we've been talking to Charles about it for a long time.
We keep mentioning about seeing a rocket and spaceship but also make sure we mention the learning side of the centre and he seems really excited about it. In fact he mentions it everyday which we [my husband and I] love because to us, it means we're doing a good job.

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