I only passed my driving test in July 2010. I regret not being able to drive sooner.
I feel that I really wasted my first year with Charles by not being able to go swimming together or go for days out together.
I loved having a car. I was a confident driver immediately as I'd been driving, as a learner with my husband or mum in the passenger seat, for a couple of years.
It was nice to be able to just go out with Charles whenever I wanted. But with a lack of money I was still unable to do everything I wanted and again this time was wasted. I never went swimming, just me and him.

My car failed me around Christmas. The clutch was replaced at a garage and a small job had to be done at home.
Due to a design fault the car broke as I drove out one day and I had to be rescued by my husband and his friend.
We decided to ditch the car after once again the small job was fixed and then failed.
My lovely husband bought me a fab new car.
Ok its not brand new (10 years old) but its new to me.
Today I went on my first proper drive in it, with the boys, and couldn't believe how great the freedom and independence felt.
I'd only been stuck in the house for 3 weeks (just over) but slowly the walls were creeping in.
I just missed being able to go out if I wanted. Popping to the shop. To my
mums, nans, friends. To the doctors. To the zoo.

Now my independence is back I have promised myself to get out more with the boys. Not just to the zoo. But for walks. To farms. Exploring the local area.

I missed my car and will certainly never take it for granted again!
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