Mealtime Miracle

In November I posted about our mealtime meltdowns.
At the time we were rarely eating as a family. Charles would eat anytime between 4.30 and 7, and we would eat once he was in bed.
I'd always wanted us to eat as a family but it didn't fit into our "lifestyle". This being that my husbands work hours are unpredictable. He works from home [converted garage] andif he has a lot of orders to process then he will be home anytime between 6 and 6.30.
I decided to trial us eating as a family. To maybe do it a couple of nights a week. This has now turned into a nightly thing and we love it.
We sit up the dining room table most nights, if not then we sit on the floor in the lounge and have our plates on the two small coffee tables which Charles sets up for us.
The only nights we don't eat together is if we plan a takeaway. Charles will have a homecooked meal and we will eat once he's in bed.

We've found that Charles eats more food and not only that he will try more food. In the past few weeks he's eaten curry, mushrooms, noodles, sweet and sour chicken, these are foods he hadn't tried before.
Then theres the foods he wouldn't try before or hated the texture of: mince, mashed potato, rice, broccoli.
It's also encouraged me to cook fresher meals, add more vegetables to meals, and my portion sizes have become smaller, which has been better for my waistline!

Meals out have also been amazing. He will sit and eat.
SIT and EAT!
No more of us fighting to get him to stay in his seat.
Sending food back to the kitchen untouched.
Sitting in our seats sometimes embarressed by his behaviour and wondering what others think of us.
The past 4 times we have eaten out we have been praised for being good parents and have been told how proud we should be.

I wish, really really wish, we'd of done this sooner.
I hope this means that Harry will be a better eater as he joins us everynight for dinner now, even though he may not eat the same as us or not eat at all.
Sometimes Charles doesn't get to bed until late but its so worth it, knowing he's gone to bed with a nice full tummy.
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